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Instagram new features in 2022

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Instagram's new features in 2022

Instagram is always surprising us. The world is struggling to be resilient in these difficult economic times. It is amazing how Instagram quickly develops new features and functionalities that address main business issues and allow users to support their favorite brands.

It can take time to keep up with the latest Instagram features. Every week, Instagram releases new features.

As Instagram features and updates have made social media more creative while maintaining its user-friendliness, they have quietly impacted our social media experience in ways that are hard to explain. As giant world corporations, news organizations, and famous individuals continue to use Instagram to reach their audience, it’s no wonder they keep returning to their official Instagram accounts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also affected how new Instagram features are launched and how the audience receives them. By connecting Instagram users directly to their audience, Instagram stories have become a powerful platform for spreading information. Instagram insights have also been updated in the past few years with metrics that help content creators measure audience engagement and traffic. Teens are also protected by several Instagram features that ensure their safety and restrict their access to content.

Here are the most recent Instagram updates you might still need to look into.

1. Now you can schedule Instagram posts from the app.

Instagram now offers the ability to schedule posts directly within the app. Adding this feature adds convenience for users by allowing them to specify a specific publication date for their posts. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t allow you to cross-post other Instagram accounts or social media platforms.

Go to Advanced Settings within the Instagram app, click on Schedule, and set the desired publication time while creating your Instagram post.

Rolling out the feature should be complete soon, and everyone should be able to access it.

2. Instagram video posts are now Reels only.

All new Instagram video posts will be Reels, and regular video posts are no longer available.

Many users may be upset that they cannot even upload square videos from horizontally-recorded clips (or any other clips, for that matter).

The following method can be used if you want to post square videos:

  • The first step in creating a carousel post is to choose a picture
  • Make your carousel stand out by choosing a video clip.
  • Ensure you have selected only the video clip, so your picture is not visible.

Then you’re done! This should now result in a square-formatted video.

3. Instagram is testing multiple links in the bio.

Reports released earlier this month indicated that Instagram is continuing to experiment with adding multiple links to bios.

Even though the test has yet to be widely released, stylist Allegra Shaw has already started utilizing the different links. Instagram appears to display the top link, but users can view the link list by clicking on the additional links menu (depicted by a plus sign and number).

4. Instagram is bringing back the profile song.

Ready your rock! According to reports, Instagram will again support adding songs to your profile. You heard right – the feature most commonly associated with 2006-era Myspace profiles (and possibly Hinge accounts, too) may soon be coming to an Instagram account near you.

Instagram profile settings now include a “music” option, discovered app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. It is also possible for users to add a caption to the song of their choice.

5. Instagram is launching Note features.

A disappearing content format called Notes was experimented with by Instagram in 2022. A widely available version of the feature was released in September. Creators can share notes with their close Friends and those who follow them back because of the app’s name.

Rather than appearing as a notification, Notes appear as a separate panel above the chat window. Critical or personal messages are highlighted to avoid getting lost in the chat conversation. Furthermore, it automatically reaches all of your ‘Close Friends’ simultaneously.

The Instagram note feature is closer to a sticky note than Twitter’s Notes. The Note only allows 60 characters and disappears after 24 hours if a new Note is shared within that time frame.

6. Achievements in Instagram Reels.

This excellent option encourages creators to create more reels and improve their content.

So far, there have been 3 accomplishments such as:

  • Creative streak – Keep up your creation streak by creating more Reels per week
  • Trendspotter Join the conversation using Reels or audio effects.
  • Collaborator– Collaborating through Remix, Collabs, and the ‘Add Yours’ sticker

The creator will be notified when a new achievement has been reached. They will receive a link to learn more about the achievement and how to unlock the next one.

7. Gifts on Instagram.

 With Reels, you will be able to give gifts on Instagram. Creators can make money from their followers who love the content they share when they give them gifts.

Limited creators will be able to take advantage of this option in the US, and eligible creators will have the option to activate the receiving of stars in their professional dashboards.

Purchasing Stars on Instagram allows fans to send gifts. We will be adding more information in the coming months.

8. New Instagram Profiles Design on Desktop.

An updated desktop design is coming to Instagram profiles. The new design includes a unique menu position and changes to how the reels are displayed in the Explore tab.

Below is a sample Glossier Instagram profile:

Rather than being an overlapping horizontal menu, the top navigation now appears as a vertical menu. By doing so, the profile feed becomes more prominent, while the menu options become more visible.

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