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What is Flipkart plus ?

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What is Flipkart plus ?

A sort of goods that a seller sells on Flipkart is a Flipkart Plus listing. It is a fantastic technique to expose your goods to potential customers and raise your revenue. Before you begin selling product , you have need learn the correct way to list your products on Flipkart.

What is Flipkart plus?

Flipkart Plus is a loyalty program launched by the Indian e-commerce company Flipkart. It provides flipkart Plus plan various benefits such as free and faster deliveries, early access to sales, and exclusive rewards with fast customer support.

What is Flipkart plus membership?

Flipkart has introduced a reward program dubbed “Flipkart Plus” to take on Amazon Prime. The service is built on retaining customers and provides advantages like free and quick shipping, early access to sales, and enhanced customer assistance.

The program aims to grow the clientele and keep them coming back to the website. Additionally, it gives users access to a virtual currency known as “Plus Coins,” which they can use on the Flipkart platform as well as other partner platforms like Hotstar, BookMyShow, Zomato, and MakeMyTrip, to take advantage and discounts on it.

How to become a Flipkart plus member?

To join Flipkart Plus, you need to first sign up on the flipkart website. Your account will be activated as soon as this step has been completed. Then, you can begin shopping for products that are eligible for the program. Once you have accumulated 50 coins, you can then redeem your membership for exclusive offers.

How to list your products on Flipkart?

If you are an entrepreneur and want to sell your products online, then you need to list our products on Flipkart. The platform is a popular shopping site that has millions of customers and is one of the fastest ways to get your products sold thrown online. However, to start selling your products on Flipkart, you need to follow certain guidelines and rules.

Step 1:- Open a Flipkart seller account.

Create a Flipkart Seller account for your business if one doesn’t already exist. You can sign up here or log in using your seller account.

You must provide your mobile phone number and OTP to validate it while establishing an account. The connected email ID for your organization, which will be used to create the listings, must be entered next. To properly set up your Flipkart Seller account, you must input some basic information about your company. 

You must possess the following paperwork:

  • PAN Card (Personal PAN for the business type “Proprietorship” and Personal + Business PAN for the business type “Company”).
  • GSTIN/TIN Number.
  • Bank account and supporting KYC documents (Address Proof and Canceled Cheque).

Your seller profile is complete after these specifics and supporting documentation have been sent in and validated. You may immediately begin adding your items to the Flipkart marketplace and selling them there.

Step 2:- Get your products listed on Flipkart.

Once your Flipkart seller profile has been created, and you have completed the registration process, you can begin listing your products. There is absolutely no condition to start more than one listing. You only need to list one item, you may then expand the number of listings as needed. You will have the power to choose the product’s pricing as a Flipkart vendor. Because listing products on Flipkart is free, you can use the savings and set reasonable prices for your goods to get a competitive edge and generate a respectable profit after subtracting the relevant sales fee. 

The self-serve option on Flipkart makes publishing items to the marketplace quite simple. Via Flipkart, you can also interact with industry experts and create a visually appealing catalog. Catalog partners provide attractive product images and write clear product descriptions that increase sales. Be sure to choose the appropriate category for the product before you start listing the goods. Despite the platform having such a sizable targeted customer audience, improper category selection has been known to reduce sales chances and even prevent your product from being seen.

Step 3:- Sell your products across India on Flipkart.

You are now ready to reach out to customers across the country after registering your seller account on Flipkart. In order to make things as easy as possible for its customers, Flipkart has developed an easy-to-use dashboard from which you can view and manage your sales. Promotions and advertisements are also available should you be interested in these services.

You can check and keep an eye on all the data about the sales and interaction of your goods on Flipkart with analytics assistance. Also, you may learn the location, demographics, and purchasing patterns of the customers that purchase your goods. The availability of such comprehensive information allows you to make well-informed judgments regarding your product to grow sales and earnings without passing up profitable possibilities.

Step 4:- Offer hassle-free shipping.

The benefit of selling on Flipkart is that logistical concerns are handled for you. You merely need to pack the items in Flipkart Packaging and provide the box to the courier agent with Flipkart’s specialized pick-up and delivery services. All you have to do is maintain the package prepared for delivery, and the logistics partner will take care of the rest. Flipkart is renowned for its simple order fulfillment, made possible by its 10,000+ delivery people and 120+ pick-up hubs.

Flipkart will send you an email alert when a buyer orders your goods to let you know. The merchandise must be packaged and prepared for delivery within the predetermined window at your earliest convenience. After completion, you must notify the authorities via the seller site; this will notify the logistics partner to pick up the parcel.

Save the information associated with your pin code when registering and click “continue” to go on if the logistics partner does not cover your location. You will be informed when the logistics partner can begin serving the pin code or area.

Step 5:- Start selling your product with Flipkart.

The most exciting point and the primary reason for registering with Flipkart as a seller couldn’t be left out. Hopefully, you have completed all the required paperwork and formalities by now. Now that you’ve registered on Flipkart, you can start selling. However, if you want to succeed in marketing and promoting your products, make sure you follow the right steps. Making money on Flipkart will be easy with these steps.

Difference Between Flipkart Plus and Non Plus Listing.

Flipkart Plus is a loyalty program offered by Flipkart, one of the largest e-commerce companies in India. The program provides several benefits to its members, including early access to sales, free and fast delivery, exclusive discounts, and more.

Regarding product listings, there are no differences between Flipkart Plus and non-Plus listings. All products available on Flipkart can be listed by sellers irrespective of their membership status in the Flipkart Plus program. However, Flipkart Plus members may be eligible for additional discounts or benefits when purchasing certain products, but this does not affect the way products are listed on the platform.


Flipkart Plus is a loyalty program that provides members with exclusive benefits, but it does not affect the way products are listed on Flipkart.

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