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What is Affiliate marketing in Digital marketing? 

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What is Affiliate marketing in Digital marketing?

In this blog we are talking about “What is Affiliate marketing in Digital marketing”. Digital marketing has many types .One of them is affiliate marketing. From affiliate marketing we can promote products  or services . Brands communicate with affiliates who promote products on behalf of brands and in exchange of advertisements they get commission on each product , leads and services. If you want to get digital marketing then ninja digital solutions is the best digital marketing company in Gwalior.  

What is affiliate marketing ?

What is Affiliate marketing in Digital marketing: Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing technique in which people or organizations (known as affiliates) advertise the goods or services of other businesses in exchange with a commission for each sale, lead, or other action that results from their marketing efforts. A win-win situation exists between the affiliate and the merchant (the business providing the good or service).

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What is the benefit of affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is the source of passive income . It is a one time investment. Affiliates creates a platform on youtube , instagram , facebook and many more places where they engage  people and promote brands .

What is Affiliate marketing in Digital marketing

For affected affiliate marketing  , we only have basic skills in communication, video content, and effective content writing. 

Types of affiliate marketing 

There are some types of  affiliate marketing- 

  1. Unattached Affiliate marketing- Unattached affiliate marketing is a pay-per-click (PPC) ads on facebook and google. It can be considered as a low effort strategy for affiliate marketing . 
  1. Related Affiliate marketing- The advertising of products or services by an affiliate with a connection to the offering is referred to as linked affiliate marketing. In most cases, the link is between the affiliate’s specialization and the product or service.
  1. Involved Affiliate marketing- Affiliate marketing is the practice of selling someone else’s product online in exchange for a commission. For example, An organization may have a product or a catalog of products, either digital or physical. They provide others the chance to advertise and sell their products, and they get paid a commission for each sale.
  2. CPA Marketing- Cost per action marketing, or CPA marketing, is a form of affiliate marketing that companies of all sizes utilize to scale their marketing initiatives and reach a bigger audience. In this case, you’re partnering with a blog, an influencer, or a newspaper to advertise your products in exchange for a commission fee.      


Affiliate marketing  provides opportunities where an organization can promote services and products with the help of affiliates who have a builts in audience . Growth of business can  increase by affiliate marketing.

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