You are currently viewing 10 Popular Features that Don’t Have on  Meta Threads but Twitter Have

10 Popular Features that Don’t Have on  Meta Threads but Twitter Have

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10 Popular Features that Don't Have on  Meta Threads but Twitter Have

10 Popular Features that Don’t Have on  Meta Threads but Twitter Have: Threads is a newly launched social media platform by Meta. Threads are so popular now in the new generation that’s why threads gain 5 million sing up within a few hours.

Threads is basically an alternative to Twitter because threads still have some same features as Twitter. 

In this blog, we are discussing “10 Popular Features that Don’t Have on  Meta Threads but Twitter Have”

1.No hashtags

Topics trend on Twitter using hashtags, and Threads is still lacking this distinctive microblogging function. However, hashtag support has long been a feature of Meta’s other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and Threads is probably going to gain it soon as well.

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2. No web version

Any web browser can be used to access Twitter. However, Threads can only be used as an app right now. Although is the official website, it only refers customers there to download the app for Android or iOS.

3. You can’t edit post

For its premium customers, Twitter just create the option to modify Tweets. Users of Threads cannot currently edit a post after it has been published on Meta. On the Threads app, a user must either delete an existing post or add a new one. Given that Instagram and Facebook have had this feature for some time, Threads may acquire it soon as well.

4. DM option not available

The direct messaging function is a absent from the online communication platform Threads. In addition, the site just added end-to-end encryption to increase the level of anonymity. As a result, this implementation limits users’ capacity to connect privately with one another. 

5. AI-generated alt text

A description of an image or a video is known as alt text or alternative text. Users can change the alt text on the majority of social networking platforms, but Threads does not. It now makes it less accessible for people who rely on screen readers by using computer-generated alternate text.

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6. No trending topics

A simple way to keep update with current events is to look up trending news and topics on Twitter. Threads does not, however, currently have a section specifically for hot subjects, in contrast to other platforms. According to the Instagram CEO in an interview with The Verge, Threads is not intended to serve “Hard News.” Consequently, it is unlikely that Threads will include a trending topics section any time soon.

7. No ads

Although this would be advantageous, Threads does not display advertisements while Twitter is now inundated with them. Even Mark Zuckerberg has suggested that Threads may not receive advertisements till they reach a critical mass of users (1 billion).

8. Can’t embed Threds post

When you found something on Threads that you think your blog readers would find useful That is not something you can do. The ability to insert a post link on Threads is currently not available. For a long time, users of Twitter have had the option to generate embedded post links.

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9. No following feed

Threads only have a single feed, which will include postings from followers and trending posts, unlike Twitter, which has separate “For you” and “Following” feeds. There is currently no option on Threads to read only posts from followers.

10. No chronological feed

A chronological feed can be activated by users on Twitter, albeit this feature is not always available. However, as it is now, Threads does not given a chronological feed. The platform instead makes use of a feed system that is created randomly.

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